- Since 1968 -


Working sustainably, organically since 1998 and biodynamically since 2004

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Team Yatesbury

The Gantletts have been farming at Yatesbury since 1968. 

Richard and Charlotte Gantlett farm today, supported by their children

with the primary purpose of growing the life in the soil. 

We have an enthusiastic team of local, dedicated and skilled farmers (our staff), engineers, craftsmen and tradesmen who support and make the team. They are a dedicated team who when necessary work long hours to reap the harvest or sow the next one.

Experience and tradition is combined with a deep-rooted belief that farming should work together with Nature, not against it.

We need Nature on our team.

We started organic conversion in 1998 and working Biodynamically in 2004.

Biodynamic (greek: life-energy or force)

The biodynamic methods we use are a key part of being sustainable, achieving soil regeneration and producing natural and quality food.

From a healthy living soil,

comes healthy plants and animals,

including a growing wildlife and biodiversity,

leading to healthy people, and a stable planet,

indeed all their health is one and indivisible (Balfour 1948).


Yatesbury House Farm is a 673 ha family farm, 

on the Wiltshire downs near Avebury.

The Yatesbury BioDynamic System

4 elements

We are certified by the Biodynamic Association with the Demeter mark.


The adaptability of the farm and its ability to produce food is embedded in the life, energy and quality of the soil.

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1. Dedicated Team

Working sustainably and ethically, constantly striving to improve the whole farm through research.